G shape 1
G shape 1

Sāmāna J Shape Kitchen

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Quick Overview

A G-shaped kitchen is the term used to describe a cabinetry configuration that has a preparation-area peninsula and four walls of storage. It is so named because the blueprint of this type of configuration resembles a G shape on the grid. G-shaped designs also increase the number of base cabinets that can be included which increases storage space while streamlining the cooking area.
This optimal kitchen floor plan is likely to provide preparation, cooking and clean-up areas within an easily accessible position centrally located in the kitchen’s central area to facilitate greater cooking efficiency.

Product Description

Size:   3000 mm X 3500 mm


  1. Quartz Double Bowl 900 mm Sink
  2. Faucet
  3. PVC Skirting Alu Finish along with Legs from Rehau
  4. Corian counter Top
  5. Carcass: Ply with Laminate(fabric)
  6. Shutters: PU Shutter with MDF
  7. Hardware Hinges: Hettich Soft Close hinges
  8. Hardware Drawers: Hettich latest Arcitech Drawers
  9. Innoplus Steel Cutlery for 600 mm drawer
  10. 900 mm Dish Drainer (Hettich)
  11. BPO 300 mm Hettich
  12. Blum Aventos System
  13. Moving Confort corner system
  14. Hettich Dust Bin
  15. Orgastore  Hettich in drawer
  16. OrgaFlag of Hettich in Drawer for utensils
  17. Lights under all overhead Units
  18. Wing line (Hettich) mechanism

Unit List :

Base Units Height approx 720 mm

  • B1. 900 mm Grain Trolley Unit with one internal Drawer
  • B2. 600 mm (2+1) Drawer Unit  With Cutlery
  • B3. 900 mm Cylinder Unit with one internal Drawer
  • B4. 1100 Moving Corner Comfort unit
  • B5. 300 mm BPO Unit (Hettich)
  • B6. 900 mm 2 Big Drawer unit for Orgaflag & Orgastore (Hettich)
  • B7. 300 mm Towel Hanger Unit (SS 304 Grade)
  • B8. 900 mm Sink Unit

Wall Units Ht 650 mm

  • W1. 900 mm Aventos Unit with Shelf
  • W2. 900 mm Aventos Unit with Shelf
  • W3. 600 mm Blind corner
  • W4. 500 mm open shelves
  • W5. 600 mm Wing line Unit with Shelf
  • W6. 900 mm Aventos Unit with Shelf
  • W7. 600 mm Wing Line Unit with Shelf
  • W8. 900 mm Aventos Unit with GTPT


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