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paninsula 2

Sāmāna Peninsula Kitchen

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Quick Overview

A peninsula kitchen layout is like a parallel kitchen without one wall; the free standing work space or the peninsula extends from a side wall or cabinet with access from three sides. Unlike a kitchen island, a kitchen peninsula is connected to the main kitchen on one side. The peninsula could be an extra workstation with cabinets or a table top for quick meals. It can also be used as an area to wash with a sink, or as a cooking area with a stove top. Ideal for homes with small kitchen space; a peninsula can have all the resourcefulness of an island worktop, but with less floor space.

Product Description

Size: 3600 mm X 2400 mm (Wooden considered )


  1. PVC Skirting Alu Finish along with Legs from Rehau
  2. Indian Granite Counter Top
  3. Carcass: Ply with Laminate(Grey/White)
  4. Shutters: Ply with Merino laminate
  5. Hardware Hinges: Hettich Soft Close Hinges
  6. Hardware Drawers: Hettich Drawers
  7. PVC Cutlery for 600 mm drawer
  8. Blum Aventos System
  9. OrgaStore 100 for utensils
  10. Shelf light

Unit List :

Base Units Height approx 720 mm

  • B1. 600 mm MW Unit with 2 big drawer
  • B2. 600 mm (2+1) Drawer Unit  With Cutlery
  • B3. 600 mm (2+1) Drawer Unit
  • B4. 900 mm 2 Big Drawer Unit
  • B5. 900 mm 2 Big Drawer unit
  • B6. 900 mm 2 Big Drawer unit
  • B7. 900 mm 2 Big Drawer unit
  • B8. 600 mm big drawer Unit
  • B9. 600 mm Unit orgalag drawer Unit
  • B10 900 mm Basket Unit with
  • B11 1200 mm Hinge and drawer based Unit

Wall Units Ht 700 mm

  • W1. 900 mm Aventos Unit with Shelf
  • W2. 900 mm Aventos Unit with Shelf
  • W3. 900 mm Aventosh Unit with Shelf
  • W4. 900 mm Aventos Unit with Shelf


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