Sāmāna Slide with Fold Wardrobe

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Quick Overview

Code : SFOD1

Size: 3200mm x 2100mm

This wardrobe has opening of doors with slide and fold mechanism. Doors will remain in single line in closed position. Moreover, In opening position we get 100% internal cabinetry visibility.

Product Description

Material :

1. Carcass of ply with Merino frosty white laminate
2. Shutters of PU+
3. Sliding Folding mechanism
4. Oval Rod with brackets for hanging
5. Drawer with Hettich Silent Quadro Channel
6. Tie & Belt Pull Out

Unit contains:

1. One Box of 1600 mm x 2200 mm, Two Boxes of 800mm x 2100 mm
2. Two Drawers of approx 800 mm x 200 mm
3. Approx 1600 mm oval rod for two partitions.
4. One tie & belt pull out.


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