U shape 5
U shape 5

Sāmāna U Shape Kitchen Type 2

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Quick Overview

A U-shaped kitchen layout resembles a parallel kitchen but with one end closed off and the other open. This kitchen format allows plenty of space for storage, cooking, prepping, and maybe even a small eating area at one end. A U-shape kitchen can accommodate most of the required kitchen appliances and also give you ample space to work conveniently.

Product Description

Size:    3300 mm(A) X 1900 mm(B) X 2700 mm(C)


  1. Sink Single Bowl quatz
  2. Faucet
  3. PVC Skirting Alu Finish along with Legs from Rehau
  4. Corian Stone for counter Top
  5. Carcass: Ply with Merino’s Laminate(Grey/White)
  6. Shutters: Veneer & Acrylic
  7. Hardware Hinges: Blum Soft Close Hinges
  8. Hardware Drawers: Blum Tandam Drawers
  9. Innoplus (SS) Cutlery for 900 mm drawer
  10. Sliding Hafele Dust Bin
  11. 600 mm Dish Drainer (Hettich)
  12. Moving Corner Corner Unit(Hettich)
  13. Internal Drawers System
  14. Dispensa Unit
  15. Hettich Orgastore 100
  16. Pantry Unit

Unit List :

Base Units Height approx 720 mm

  • B1. 600 mm Grain Trolley with one drawer
  • B2. 900 mm (2+1) Drawers with Blum channels & Hettich Innoplus Cutlery
  • B3. 600 mm (1+1) Drawer Unit
  • B4. 1100 mm  Corner Unit with Moving Corner
  • B5. 200 mm Bottle Pull Out(Hettich)
  • B6. 600 mm Hafele Sliding Dustbin Unit
  • B7. 600 mm Tall Unit with Internal Drawer System & Shelf
  • B8. 450 mm Pantry unit
  • B9. 600 mm MWO Unit with Shelf
  • B10 450 mm Dispensa Unit

Wall Units Ht 500 mm

  • W1. 600 mm Unit with Shelf
  • W2. 600 mm Unit with Shelg
  • W3. 600 mm Unit with Shelf


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